Hi, I’m Jessica Evalyn Valle


I’m an artist/photographer in the Dayton, Ohio area. To date I have photographed around 100 weddings nationwide. It’s been a wild ride. Beauty can be found anywhere. I don’t just offer wedding photography! I offer photography for families, children, products, events, etc.

I enjoy candid moments, when people are most themselves. It is the in-between moments, the moments where you are fully present, that are the most beautiful to capture. To me, photography is important not just because photos are fun to put on walls (both literally and digitally), but because they are evidence of the time. Years down the road, your children will see these pictures. Those you love will be reminded of your presence. Photos are a part of your history. And to me, this is both essential and priceless.

If you book me for a shoot, you will end up with many beautiful photos for your own history book. It is my pleasure to be able to provide this service.


I Make Art

I also make these art pieces. When I started making them, I called them orbs. But now they are in different shapes, so I don't know what to call them. But it's basically digital collage work. Every piece is made from a single photo.

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